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Axion Architects CC started its activities in April 1994 and developed into an exciting and prosperous venture that is widely regarded as a leader in the field of housing.


Having established a reputation as innovative and competent Architects, and having secured a large group of satisfied clients, Axion Architects set their aim at diversifying.  It was during this period in 1996 that Heinrich Mostert joined the team.


Axion Architects became involved in a number of large retail developments, commercial projects and upmarket residential projects.  Axion Architects quickly made their presence felt. Niche markets such as medical institutions, retirement resorts and corporate identities started to emerge, requiring constant attention to detail and affording the opportunity to display the design flair and talent resident in the firm.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the working relationships we build with clients. Axion Architects believe in mutually beneficial long-term relationships - we only consider ourselves successful when we have established a relationship with a client that extends beyond the successful completion of the project. 

our team

We have a very strong technical team in the office, ensuring top quality service at all times.  Our team is experienced in High-End Residential, Residential Developments, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Hotel design, and we have vast experience in the retirement sector, having designed more than 30 retirement resorts.

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Heinrich Mostert


Heinrich Mostert is the managing director of the company and graduated from the University of Port Elizabeth in 1995 – B Arch. His interest lies in client liaison and the creative design of buildings.  He has been involved with various large projects, ranging from industrial and commercial developments to renovations and refurbishments of existing building structures.  He is actively involved in project identification and development from inception through to detail design stages. 

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Estelle Jordaan


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Liesl Genis


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Vincent Stebbing


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Danie Burger



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Gary Evans



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Eriza Walters